3D Printers

Plotter City is one of the country’s most reliable and premier suppliers of 3d printers. With us, you’re sure to find a model that pairs with your goal. We are official retailers of Makerbot and stock their full range that helps with clients in need of different capacity in 3d printing.

With evolution in technology, 3d printing has become an essential tool for creating designing models on smaller scale to check it’s feasibility of the idea before the actual execution. This has helped businesses a lot in saving money via giving a miniscule model for testing before investing in the actual production. Items made in 3d printers can be tested for practicality, glitches and usability.

Our 3d printers give you consistent performance and designed precisely to streamline the printing process. All of them come with easy-to-use software that can be simply installed and operated from system. All you have to do is weave a design and upload it there. These advanced 3d printers have an intuitive design and combined with settings that can be personalised. These machines can easily understand the designs uploaded by your CAD software and can replicate the designs to make your job easy.

Makerbot 3d printers are optimised for speed and quality with user friendly interface and with advancement in manufacturing, the latest models are giving faster outputs then its predecessor. Quality hardware used in these machines makes sure of reliability and precision of the printing. We understand that these machines are quite an investment and hence, they are made to worth them. They are rigorously tested and are secured by warranty.

When buying a 3d printer, look for its resolutions, printing area and volume of the printer’s build. Compare it with the requirements you have and see if the printer meets those requirements. There are various options available that can fit all budget specifications. If you don’t want to be hassled by all the analysing, let us do the job. We at Plotter City not only supply you with the machine but go above and beyond to make sure that you’re getting most out of your investment. Our experts can analyse your printing requirement and gives you suggestions accordingly. We’re available anytime for any kind of after sales service you might require after making a purchase.
At Plotter City, our philosophy is that quality matters and that reflect in each and every product sold by us. We are committed to provide you with best in the market and always try that Australian businesses are available with as good options as possible. As the technology advances, these printers and their variations are changing the way professionals plan their work. Imaging industry has seen so many developments in recent past that gives us a responsibility to provide tools to Australian designing and graphic professionals that makes them stay at top of their game.

If your business requires a 3d printer but you’re unsure of the specifications, feel free to call us or go for convenient shopping and head to our website to browse through brochures and get a quote.