Terms and Condition

Products supplied by us

Space Age Enterprises Pty Ltd T/As Plotter City are resellers of various Printers like Large Format Printers, Desktop Printers, Multifunction Printers, 3-D Printers for Office, Business and Personal use from Reputed Manufacturers. Other products may be added in our list of supplies from time to time.

You can contact us via phone on 1300 264 186 or e-mail sales@plottercity.com.au

Warranty for our products

All our products are procured locally in Australia from reputed Genuine Manufacturers and their Distributors. We do not import any of our Printers for reselling. The Genuine Australian Warranty of our Local Reputed Brands is passed on to the Customers. It will be the responsibility of the purchasers of our Products to claim and register for the Warranty by approaching the Manufacturers directly. Also, any gifts or Cashbacks offered by our Suppliers will have to be claimed directly from them by Purchasers of our Products. Most of the Products carry 12 months Warranty. Extended Warranty might be available, which will have to be registered directly with the manufacturers by the Purchasers.

Payments from Customers

Orders from Customers will be processed only after receiving Full payment in Advance, unless approved by the Authorised Representative of Plotter City in writing. Advance payments are not required for Purchases by Federal and State Governments, however, Purchase orders will be required from government Customers before we can process their Orders. Payments for purchases can be done in any of the following ways:

VISA / Master Card (1.5% Processing Fee will be added in the Purchase price)

American Express Card (2.5% Processing Fee will be added in the Purchase Price)

Bank Transfer (Banking details will be sent in the Tax Invoice)

Prices, Acceptance of an Order and Delivery

All Prices on the Web site of Plotter City are inclusive of GST. Plotter City reserves the right to accept or reject Orders from purchasers. If the order is not accepted and payment is made by Customers, refund will be given. Orders received from Customers will be processed as soon as payment is received and delivery will be organised urgently, however, in some cases, it may take up to two to three weeks for delivery, depending upon the availability of stock. Delivery tracking information will be emailed to customers whenever possible. Please call on 1300 264 186 regarding availability of stock of Products. The Freight Cost will be automatically calculated when Customers put in the post code for delivery. The Printers cannot be delivered to a Post Box Address. Delivery will be made only to physical address and delivery will be considered done once receipt of Product is signed by the Customer.If Customer has confirmed to get contact less delivery without signature, then delivery made by Plotter City without signature must be accepted by the Customer and Plotter City will not be responsible for any damage or loss of the delivered Product.

Refunds and Returns

The Customer must carry out full research before purchasing any Products and Printers from Plotter City. Plotter City will not be responsible for any compatibility issues of hardware or Software. However, if Products supplied are damaged, the Customer must contact Plotter City immediately on 1300 264 186 and must communicate on sales@plottercity.com.au to consider return of the products. A suitable refund may be organised if the product has been damaged.

Customer Information and Communication

Customer information will not be passed on to anyone except for the purpose of delivery andadministration of the processing of the Order. When customer visits the Web site of Plotter City orsends an e-mail, the Customer accepts that Plotter City will also communicate to the Customer by e-mail or phone calls, whenever necessary for processing of the Order and after sales service, if required. In future, information about New products of Plotter City will be communicated to the Customers, however, the Customer can unsubscribe the emails and the communication will be stopped.


The maximum Liability of Space Age Enterprises Pty Ltd T/As Plotter City is limited to the purchase price of the Product sold and under no circumstances it will exceed the purchase price. Under no circumstances Plotter City will be liable for any Third party claims or Damages arising out of delays in delivery, malfunctioning of the products or any loss of business by the Purchaser.


The Web Site of Plotter City is governed by the Laws of New South Wales, Australia and the jurisdiction will be NSW Courts and Federal Courts of Australia.